(v.) be involved; take part; share;

get involved; lend a hand.


participative travel?

Traveling with us is the best way to come closer to the daily lives of local people. With Phocus Travel, you have the chance to impart your valuable knowledge, skills and art to them. So if you are an artist, a photographer, a cook, or think you have any skills you could share with the local community, please feel free to tell us about them, and we will organize a special activity for you at a right time and place to support them. In our very first communication with you, we will ask about your interests and if you are willing to participate in an activity – even if for just one hour!

Should you choose to take part in this special opportunity, we guarantee your trip will last the same number of days, and the price will not change under any circumstances.

Learning is always a possibility, yet it is not always easily available for the less privileged. We believe we can do something about this by starting with small steps, yet still making a significant impact. The goal of our participative trips is to provide a practical dimension to the causes in which we believe.

my story

this is

my story

My trip to Nepal was memorable in many ways. Its monuments, people, culture and scenic beauty never failed to surprise me. But one of the most touching experiences was the “participative” aspect of the trip. I got to give French lessons to our guide! He was an amazing person who kept us motivated and engaged during our trek in the Mustang region. I wish him success and hope that he will be your guide one day!

– Dhamir Al Saadi, Paris, France

Our ongoing projects


Finding Bobby

By chance, the Phocus Travel team met a child street-hawker called Bobby in front of the Taj Mahal — remarkably, Bobby sells elephant keychains in French, Spanish, and 5 other languages. With so much potential despite his desperate circumstances, we decided to look out for him and see what we could do to help him have a better life.


Tell a story

Every destination has stories and tales passed on from one generation to the other. Unfortunately, we have reached a time when these stories are forgotten and no longer told. Help us preserve the culture of storytelling by collecting folklores from different parts of Asia, and rewriting, illustrating and publishing them.


Teach a language

There are places in remote Rajasthan, on the trekking routes of Nepal, and indeed in most Asian countries where one will not find fluent English-speaking guides and drivers.  We have encountered guides and drivers who want to learn new languages so they can have more opportunities – and we believe you can help them achieve their ambitions by lending your time to teach English.


Build a restaurant

We believe in the conservation of the authenticity of local places. The focal point of this project is a local eatery near to Kochi, the capital of the South Indian state— despite its setting amid beautiful hotels, regrettably this eatery hardly receives any business. We aim to transform this small restaurant so that it can attract tourists, get the attention it deserves and grow as a business.