Mimi Ruivah

Why do you travel?
I travel because it gives me time to self-reflect. And, self-reflection fuels my creativity. 10-hour bus rides? I love them.

What is your favorite destination?
The Philippines, of course! I’m also beginning to love Chiang Mai a lot.

The Philippines— the beaches are breathtaking, people are fun and really welcoming. I love the laid-back vibes of Chiang Mai, and I don’t need to explain how amazing Thai cuisine is.

Worst travel experience?
A train ride from Goa to Bangalore. It was due to ignorance. Some people without tickets had occupied some of our beds and so four girls had to share two single beds, there were babies crying all night, we were close to the loo and the train nearly left us, we literally ran after the train!

Name 5 destinations on your travel bucket list.
Croatia, Greece, Mexico, Spain and Morocco.

Travel tips
Always make sure you have you’re at the airport or train/bus station before time. Always carry a swimwear with you. Don’t be afraid to go local with the food, it’s usually delicious!

Where you headed next?
The Philippines, hopefully.