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Want to be a Mystery Traveler?

If you love travel, a free trip awaits you with Phocus Travel


The conceptualization of a travel company existed long before Phocus Travel came to be. We are not a new idea, however, we are an innovation. We strive to be better— to alter tradition and bring travel to a whole new level. You, as a mystery traveler, will be part of this change.

What is Mystery Travel?

We have been constantly rated above 95% for customer satisfaction. Our objective, however, is something beyond this. In our endeavour to create exceptional trips, it is imperative that we select equally passionate partners like hotels, guides, and drivers. We want to be on our toes evaluating their performances so that the best is delivered to our guests. Hence, mystery travel works for us.

Mystery travel is a concept where you will asses the services of our partners including us while you travel as a regular traveler. We wish to get your most sincere and appropriate feedback.

Do you want to be a Mystery traveler ?

This is not an undercover mission, but one of our trips to Rajasthan or Nepal. Many travelers have expressed a wish to join us for the flavours that make these trips remarkable, if you are one of them, these trips are yours.

We offer you a free 08 days trip (excluding International flights & visa) to either Rajasthan or Nepal on twin sharing basis. All accommodations on bed & breakfast basis, transportation, travel guides, visits and entrance fees, and local taxes are on us. Besides that, the FUN time will not be compromised.

You are free to participate! There is no such thing as a participation fee, or any hidden fees for that matter. However, only 4 people will be chosen based on a lucky draw.

This is not a sponsored project, so 100% of the expenses in the destinations are ours. This way, we can evaluate the services of our partners fairly, agree?

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