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The best way to experience the world is through traveling. For some it is a necessity to discover and for others it is an ecstasy.

Traveling with Phocus Travel expands that choice and lets you fulfil your reason – learn about different cultures, quench your thirst for adventure, take the road less-traveled, rejuvenate your soul, live in luxury, and be a part of some of the most delightful festivals around the globe!

Our Flavours

Our flavors

Explore – Discover ancient civilizations, historic sites, majestic monuments, sacred temples, the highest peaks and exotic beaches through our customized itineraries.

Culture – On these extraordinary journeys, you get to unlock some hidden facets of a new culture as you witness their customs and rituals.

Luxury – Luxury is not just about stars, it is more about pampering yourself. Our customised itineraries leave no stone unturned when it comes to catering to your every need.

Festivals – The Indian subcontinent and South Asia celebrate festivals all year-round – and you’re invited!

Wellness – Discover the natural art of healing through Ayurveda or find inner peace through yoga.

Adventure – Our itineraries are specially designed to take you to places less traveled. You can trek on snowy mountains as you unravel the lifestyle of a mountaineer, explore hot sand dunes, or navigate lush jungles.