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Why you really need to travel solo


I’ve heard people saying, “Travelling alone will change your life forever”. It took me some time to realize, “it’s true.”

Travelling alone is not just about packing your bags, booking a flight and going to a different place. Travelling alone is neither a fashion nor a passion. Travelling alone means to step out of yourself & your comfort zone to see the world and then when you come back to yourself, you will realize you are a different and better person already.


Travelling alone will make you learn to explore your own thoughts, ideas and dreams: realizing your own worth.

You will be inspired in a new way – pushing yourself to situations, meeting people, trying new things and seeking what you really love: even small but what you really love. It will sparks your deeper inspirations leaving you with motivation to connect with your hidden potential.


While travelling alone, you don’t care how you look, dress up, you don’t feel conscious about anything, you are not judged, you can be exactly who you are from within, you can connect with other people just as the way you are, thus you will get honest responses just the way you want to receive. It will help you to sink in the positivity around the world because solo travelling doesn’t allow distractions and irrelevant opinions.


Practical experience is the biggest knowledge in the world. Travelling alone is the wildest and fastest way you can grow as a human being. We often forget the knowledge that we learn but we never forget what we experience on our own because somehow it always remains deep within us. When you travel solo, the perk is that you observe, experience, gain and sink the knowledge yourself.


When you are on your own, you willingly or unwillingly learn to take your own responsibility. You learn to step up for everything with courage and enthusiasm which pushes you for bigger challenges in life.


Travelling alone makes you see everything from a step ahead, it makes you forget the past and future rigidity, and you learn to live and connect in the moment.

You focus on smaller things: Animals, wildlife, bird watching, sightseeing, details, expressions, tastes of food, other people’s reactions etc. which makes you precise and compassionate in thinking, thus you learn to become comfortable and modest. It makes you feel what a tiny place you occupy in this world and what tiny problems you had before.


You will realize your potential. You will start to love and value yourself more, therefore opinions of others will not matter much. You will always see a bigger picture and little things will not make you anxious.


You will feel detached from unnecessary affairs that used to bother you. It teaches you small things. Stopping to feed a dog, stopping to smell a rose, stopping to hear laughter, turning around to listen to bells, following intuitions, giving someone food, participating in small conversations and smiling with a content feeling while you travel solo.


This is from my personal experience – when you are on your own and you have no one around to put your faith into, you close your eyes and ask for basics in life – what you really want. We don’t know from who, we just do: we all have a belief. Only to realize in the end by travelling alone that if you want something badly enough, you will make it happen.


  • Pack less than you usually take
  • Be prepared for anything
  • Don’t plan everything, keep room for spontaneity
  • Prefer walking, you can feel and experience way more
  • Believe in something

Travel because you have to.

Be prepared for it, good things are coming.

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